Rare dog breeds - descriptions and photos (original seven)

Time changes everything - human mores, needs, fleeting fashion. Necessity once over time easily turns into just a fashion accessory. And things that no modern person can do without now were once fancy fashion items for the elite. Therefore, one should not be surprised that strong, hardy, courageous breeds of dogs, which in the distant past helped people to survive, are on the verge of extinction.

Do not be surprised, because a modern person in a city apartment for the most part needs small companionable decorative dogs for the soul, about the problems of which one could chat with a neighbor on a paddock, or on a forum. A modern person no longer needs to hunt to feed his family, it all comes down to one thing: work is a supermarket. This means that the need for brave dogs is slowly and surely disappearing. Here, too, everything came down to hobbies and fashion. On the other hand, rare breeds of dogs may be for another reason - young breeds of dogs that have not yet declared themselves to the whole world, but quietly serve their fellow countrymen within their homeland.

PozitivchikAll breeds of dogs have their own history, myth, fairy tale about their origin. For example, as the wonderful myth about the Pekingese says, a cute little and very brave dog turned out thanks to the love of a little monkey and a lush-maned lion. BUT shih-tzu in the form of dogs, they always accompanied Tibetan lamas on campaigns, and when an alarm set in, the cuties turned into lions and protected their wise master. Although, this myth is more suitable for the Lhaso Apso, which was crossed with the Pekingese - resulting in Shih Tzu. Regardless, the stories continue. But, now is not about that.

Rare breeds of dogs also have their own wonderful stories. And how I would like to write about each of the rare breeds. But, there are many of them, so I propose to limit ourselves to the most unusual breeds and consider them in more detail.

Azawakh (African Greyhound)

Somewhere in the African countries of the middle reaches of the Niger River and the Azawakh Valley, a breed of companion dog was formed a long time ago, which accompanied the nomads of the southern Sahara, and also served as a guard, hunter for the people of the Sahel and Sahara, being a symbol of high status. The Azawakh got its unusual thin appearance due to the harsh conditions in which the breed has been for many centuries. And also thanks to the aesthetic views of the culture of the Sahel.

Azawakh breed

A medium-sized greyhound (from 60 to 74 cm at the withers), due to its dryness, long legs and short back, seems to be quite high. The Azawakh easily tolerates the heat in the desert due to the structure and physiology of his body (thin skin with a large number of blood vessels helps to cool the blood, the muscles are dry and flat, the coat is short, etc.). Economical in movement and able to get rid of the accumulated heat, the Azawakh is always ready to chase prey without stopping even under the most scorching desert sun. The Azawakh requires regular good physical activity, does not do well in urban apartments and needs open space for constant movement. It was only at the end of the 1980th century (XNUMX) that the paws of Azawakh dogs finally touched the lands of Europe.

American Hairless Terrier (Velvet Cowboy)

Rare breeds of dogs often have the number of individuals in the whole world - up to 100. At the moment, there are no more than 70 dogs of the American hairless terrier breed in the world. They are popularly called velvet cowboys for their delicate and pleasant to the touch skin without wool (although there are also “woolen” individuals).

American Hairless Terrier

They say that this breed was bred by accident. An American ret-terrier breeder had one hairless puppy, which they decided to keep. Later, when the puppy grew up, the same velvet babies were born from him - a girl and a boy, who became the ancestors of the breed.

The American Hairless Terrier, due to the nature of his nature, requires good skin care. In the summer, it needs to be smeared with sunscreen, and in the winter, the dog should be dressed in warm overalls, because throughout its life it is without hair. This has its own plus - if you are allergic to wool, but you love dogs - a hairless terrier is just right for you.


An amazing Turkish dog breed called Catalburun belongs to the category - the rarest dog breeds. Catalburun has an amazing feature - a forked nose. Due to this structure of the nose, the dog has a very good sense of smell, therefore it is highly valued among hunters, especially for partridges and other birds in the highlands of Turkey.

Catalburun breed

You won't find these dogs anywhere else. Even in their native land, Catalburun is considered a rarity. This structure of the nose in dogs, according to scientists, was formed due to inbreeding - the crossing of close relatives. Be that as it may, the dog has acquired advantages in its own way. Catalburun is in rather wide demand, but it is difficult to find and buy a dog of this breed even in Turkey itself.


The American working dog breed Chinook is not really recognized by any kennel club, perhaps not yet. Distributed by individuals. The breed is quite young, bred in the twentieth century. In 1978, the number of individuals reached only 28. And today the popularity of the breed is very small.

Chinook breed

The Chinook was bred as a cargo dog with good speed. Successfully used in expeditions. Each dog can take on at least 68 kg of cargo (with its own weight of 28-42 kg). Not suitable as a pet and sofa cushion. Therefore, it is in no hurry to be a popular breed.

Barbet (Water dogs)

Compared to previous breeds, the Barbet is distributed throughout the world, but despite this, it is also considered a rare breed of dog. The fact is that this breed was used by sailors, which indicates its popularity. Barbet is a good swimmer, hunters use them to catch waterfowl. These dogs boldly jump into the water for prey.

Barbet breed

This breed has long been remembered in literature and artistic images (14th century). Most often they were painted near water bodies, which testified to their purpose. Before the start of the world wars, dogs were quite actively gaining momentum in popularity. But, the war stopped the pace and even brought the breed to the brink of extinction. After the World Wars, the breed began to revive on a new scale.


The Chinese Chongqing breed is a medium-sized dog with a short and smooth brown coat. Quite a rare breed, even for its country of origin. In China, there are about 2 individuals, outside the country - a few.

Chongqing breed

Hunter, guard and companion and even a nanny. They are wary of other dogs, so for walking you need strong hands that can keep their temper by the leash. Balanced and calm, but because of their hunting instinct, they can easily get lost. For the most part, the breed occurred naturally, without human intervention. But, inbreeding and close isolation made their changes, which affected the health of dogs, the state of their coat and mutation. Chongqing centenarians - up to 20 years!


One of the rare dog breeds that is on the verge of extinction. Otterhound is a large hunter, which was actively used on otters. The name of the breed is translated from English as follows: Otter - otter hound - hunting dog. Large dogs require a lot of physical activity, otherwise they become fat, sleepy and clumsy. It is advisable to keep them in a private house. Since they are able to jump out of the windows of the 5-6th floor at the call of nature. They have a greasy coat and strong webbed paws, thanks to which the dogs deftly kept on the water.

Breed Otterhound

The Otterhound was bred in the UK. After the capture of otters was banned in England, the popularity of the Otterhound began to decline. Now there are only about 1000 individuals worldwide.

PozitivchikWhile I was flipping through a lot of information in search of rare breeds of dogs, in order to collect a few of them in this article, I came across a huge number of incredible amazing breeds with interesting stories of development, purpose, etc. The deeper you dive into this wonderful world of dogs, the more you understand that there is no bottom, no beginning and no end.

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  1. Olga Usova
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    Chun Qing is not a rare breed now! Only in Russia there are several kennels, Mastiff hills, Moscow
    ,,Lovely from Bordo,, Russian kennel of skinny powerful Tibetan mastiffs and chongqing, chuntsin have been selling for about 3-4 years and many others. Kennels, not counting the owners of chongqing bitches selling puppies, Azavakov also began to breed like we have 2-3 kennels breeding popular breeds of greyhounds, began to breed this chic breed

  2. Olga Usova
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    And the naked American terrier is now very popular in Russia! In every major city, a naked terrier is bred!