Russian toy terrier. Useful facts

Dogs of the Russian Toy Terrier breed today are very popular among residents of big cities, especially in their country of origin - Russia. Dogs belong to the group of decorative breeds, but due to excellent success in training, they can easily learn protective and protective qualities. How do you like such a little protector? And now some interesting and useful facts about this cute breed.

1.  The Russian Toy Terrier breed was bred quite recently, in the 50s of the twentieth century. And only in February 2006, the Russian toy became temporarily (conditionally) recognized. This does not prevent Russian toy girls from being World Champions, European Champions and claiming many other FCI titles, except for CACIB. Full recognition of the breed will take place no earlier than 2016.

2. Russian toys are smooth-haired (Russian smooth-haired toy terrier) and longhaired (Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier). At the request of the FCI Commission, these varieties were put under the same name - Russian Toy.

Russian toy terrier

3. Dogs of the Russian Toy breed have interesting tan shades of black, brown, blue, isabella, as well as a combination of spots of the listed colors. The main thing is that the shades should be bright and saturated.

4. The Russian Toy Terrier is one of the smallest breeds in the world. But, it is not the smallest breed. In each breed from the group of the smallest there are representatives of both mini and maxi. For example, in the Guinness Book of Records, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Chins are mentioned as the smallest.

PozitivchikSome dogs weigh only 500 grams. Our Mini Russian Toy Terrier is not listed in this company, probably because the breed is still too young. It's been less than a decade since she was officially probated, remember?

5. Many outsiders confuse the toy terrier with the chihuahua or pinscher. To some extent, they are similar, if you look with an untrained eye. But if you look closely, put them next to each other, then you can observe obvious differences, starting with the shape of the head and continuing with weight, height, leg length, etc.

6. There is a misconception that in addition to breed types, the Russian Toy Terrier is smooth-haired and long-haired, there are naked representatives. If you see a naked toy in front of you, know that this is a breed of American origin and it has nothing to do with the Russian toy.

7. Russian Toy Terriers, both in general, are infertile - an average of 3 puppies. In addition, the larger the mother, the easier it will be for her to give birth. But this does not guarantee that she will give birth to more than the average number of puppies, or even one at all.

Russian toy terrier puppy

8. If you are prone to frequent trips, flights in airplanes, it is not necessary to leave the baby with a neighbor, for fear of stress for the dog. Toychikov are willingly allowed into the cabin of the aircraft, so you can not tear it from your heart. Being in your hands, the dog will easily endure the flight. In hotels, dogs are also allowed without any problems.

9. The Russian Toy Terrier is very easy to care for. It does not require constant grooming (haircuts, bathing, combing). Long-haired toys have a beautiful decoration on the ears - a delicate fringe made of wool, which also does not require special care. Just shorten it sometimes. But, do not relax, there is a standard set of care procedures for dogs of all breeds: look after the teeth, eyes, ears, trim the nails and bathe at least once a month.

10 And finally, the shaking, losing consciousness, nervous state for dogs of this breed is nothing more than a physically undermined psyche. The breed itself is very calm and balanced, quiet and sweet. Harsh external factors and the unfavorable environment of the puppy's habitat contribute to the further development of an unbalanced psyche in Russian Toy dogs. To avoid this, it is recommended to buy dogs exclusively from breeders who have animals at home. And in no case pull them to the market.

AttentionDo not take a puppy from random hands and outside the planned matings - you can either get a completely different terrier, or a dog with a bunch of diseases. A good, purebred dog of the Russian Toy Terrier breed will not be given away cheaply. If you are already paying a pretty amount for a puppy, study, consider all the visible and invisible aspects of the proposed representative of the breed.

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