How it all began

I always dreamed of a dog, but my dad was against it. And now, after two years of persuasion, I finally got my way. Then I was 12 years old. In general, I wanted a Cocker Spaniel for myself, but we did not find a suitable puppy. I began to call on ads, but even in this way I could not choose a friend for myself.

And so I thought, should I take a puppy from a shelter? So I decided to do it. My dad and I went to an animal shelter. There were many adult dogs, but even more there were small and fluffy puppies. They are all so defenseless, everyone wanted to be picked up. But only one kitten was not happy like everyone else, but sat on the sidelines and seemed to be sad. He was the most beautiful of all dogs, the cutest and most interestingly colored. It was a girl. I took her in my arms, and she peed out of fear. She was very cowardly, afraid of absolutely everything. And I realized that this is my dog, that she will become my best friend. We named her Bona. While dad processed the documents, she hid in the grass and still wrote. I was worried about her, but I was sure that Bona would love me and my family.

Bona from the shelter

Arriving home, we immediately washed Bon. She became even more beautiful and fluffier than she was in the shelter. Bona stood calmly and evenly in the bath, her ears and tail flattened in fear. After the shower, she did not know where to go and wanted to hide from us. And Bona found the right place. She crawled under my bunk bed and stayed there for a while. But then she finally realized that she was a happy puppy, that she was taken home, and now she has owners. Bona began to slowly crawl out from under the bed, and very quickly fell in love with me.

Bona under the bed

It's been almost six years since Bona is with us, and she still lives under the bed, it has become her favorite place. Under the bed is not so spacious for my dog, as he grew up big, but there is her little house, where she can always hide or rest, she is very comfortable there.

Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region
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