Lucky day or meeting that changed life

I have a friend who loves animals very much. Previously, he had many business trips in Ukraine, in which he always traveled with his car. And so, for some period he often traveled in the direction of Sumy. He always took a thermos of coffee with him, and a stack of sandwiches, because he left very, very early without breakfast, and on the way there, throughout the entire route, at that time, there was not a single cafe, only one single gas station, where, there was practically nothing to buy except gasoline. Here, he went there in the morning to refuel and eat a couple of sandwiches.

Machine headlights

It was this gas station that became the place of acquaintance with a homeless dog. It was spring, my friend, out of habit, stopped for a bite to eat. The weather was wonderful, so he decided to do it in nature.

And while enjoying nature and fragrant coffee, he felt that someone was scratching his leg.

It was a big dog, but very, very thin, he just walked with the wind. My friend, without thinking twice, gave his breakfast to the dog, drank coffee and went on business. In the evening he returned back to Kyiv, having previously bought sausages for the dog in the city. Arriving at the gas station, he still could not find the unfortunate dog. Having lost all hope, he got into the car and left, but after a couple of kilometers he met the same dog on the side of the road. Realizing that the poor fellow would disappear, the kind man fed the tramp, put him in a car and drove him to a gas station. There he left the workers money for a dog house and feeding, and promised that he would visit periodically. He knew that he would have to drive more than once on this track during the year.

Dog and man

After a couple of days, he again went in the same direction, taking with him a present for the dog. As soon as he parked, he immediately saw his dog, which was rushing at full speed to the car. Yes, the dog recognized his savior. There was no joy. He jumped, barked, wagged his tail ... Then he showed his booth, and when my friend handed him the prepared delicacies, the dog took out a hefty bone from the booth and placed it at the man's feet. He also prepared a meal for the guest.

This man drove in that direction almost every two weeks for a whole year, and each time he stopped at a gas station. Now he took coffee with him, and two breakfasts - for himself and his fellow dog, who was always waiting for him. They ate their breakfasts together and thanked fate for that first meeting.

Ludmila Markina
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