Puppy in a new home. First night

For a small defenseless puppy, the first time in an unfamiliar environment is a real shock. New smells, sounds, impressions. There are so many things for a tiny creature to explore that there will not be time at once to miss sisters and brothers. Longing will come with the onset of night.

Sign of attentionA puppy in a new home can be so confused that the first day can not only sleep poorly, but also not eat. You don't need to panic right away. A puppy is a small child who needs time to get comfortable and get used to an unfamiliar environment.

Puppy and kids

If there are children in the house, they need to be made clear that the dog is not a soft toy, but a new member of the family. Small children (under the age of 5 years) during the game may not notice that they are causing pain to the puppy, and for the latter such a “hospitable welcome” can turn into real stress. Therefore, be careful that the child and the young dog do not offend each other.

Where to arrange a sleeping place for a puppy

It's okay if your four-legged friend sleeps in the bedroom, naturally in his own bed, and not in the master's. Sleeping with other family members is good for dogs that spend a lot of time alone while the rest of the family is at work or school. Although you are sleeping, the time spent next to you does not pass without a trace for the dog. She becomes attached to you and feels like an important part of the community.

However, if you want the dog's place to be in another room, it's up to you, but don't leave the baby alone for the first few nights. The puppy needs your company more than it seems.

Why a puppy in a new home suffers in the first nights

And all because he no longer feels the usual warmth of his mother and other puppies, everything around him is unusual and alien. With soul-rending whining and howling, he complains about life, be prepared for this. Only the presence of a new owner, his smell, and the sounds of breathing will have a calming effect on the puppy.

Puppy in a new home

For the first time, place the puppy bed next to your bed. Let it be a box or a basket covered with a soft blanket. Put a couple of toys and a heating pad in it. Gently call the puppy and sit inside.

How to calm a puppy at night

You may have to endure the mournful howl and cry of the baby for more than one hour, but do not break loose and do not punish the puppy. Also, don't pick up a dog or you risk raising a sissy who will be restless when he feels like it (like howling and whining every time you leave the house without him). It is enough just to reach out to the puppy and caress, showing that the owner is nearby and there is no reason for concern. You may have to sleep with your hand outstretched towards the puppy. You may have to sleep on the floor with it for a couple of nights - that helps.

Most puppies stop doing "night concerts" after a couple of days. I wish you patience and health to your little pet.

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