The dog is afraid of the street - causes and help

In one well-known aphorism, the idea is expressed that the happiness of a dog is always on the other side of the door, that is, on the street. But there are times when pets at the command "Walk!" hide in a corner, tremble there like an aspen leaf, and categorically refuse to go for a walk. Let's look at some of the reasons why a dog is afraid of the street.

Reasons for fear

  1. The puppy has never left the apartment before.
  2. Fear of noise, people and other animals, that is, the dog is not socialized.
  3. Conflicts with relatives (attack by another dog).
  4. Do not like weather conditions: cold or raining.
  5. Individual reasons (for example, next to a playing puppy, a car alarm suddenly started working or the dog was previously homeless and “suffered” for its hard life, and so on).

The dog is afraid of the street

How to help your pet overcome fear of the street

1. To begin with, it does not hurt to get a tray in which the dog will do his needs in the house until the fear of the street disappears. There are times when adaptation takes more than one day. As one of the methods, you can gradually move the tray to the exit, the dog will follow it, sooner or later the tray will be outside the door and the pet will ask to go there too. True, in apartment buildings, when there is still an entrance outside the door, this technique is not always convenient to apply in practice.

2. Get a leather collar especially for going outside. It fits snugly around the neck of the animal and does not choke. It may very well be that your dog is experiencing discomfort due to his outdoor accessories (tight collar or with spikes, a short leash that the owner often tugs on, and so on).

3. If the dog is afraid of the street, categorically refuses to cross the threshold - accompany the exit to the street with games, even if you even have to mess with the puppy in the stairwell in front of the neighbors.

4. You can use a non-standard technique - walking a hungry dog. Lure an unfed dog over the threshold with treats and treats. But this method has many disadvantages. Some dogs prefer to starve than go for a walk. Others, except for meat tenderloin, cannot be pulled out of the house, therefore, the diet is violated. And again, dogs are taken outside after a hearty lunch, and not during.

5. Dogs that are afraid of noise and relatives should be walked in a quiet wasteland, away from prying eyes, only gradually accustomed to street "laws". To begin with, it is suitable to take the puppy to the balcony so that he gets used to the sounds of the city.

6. A puppy can be allowed near unfamiliar dogs only after you make sure with the owner that his pet is loyal to a new acquaintance.

7. Playing with other pets is very important for your dog, but don't focus on them alone. Do not forget about your role not only as a host, but also as a friend. Grab your dog's favorite toys from home and have fun.

8. Until the puppy gets comfortable with the world around him, do not start training. Give time to adapt.

9. Some dogs are afraid to walk during daylight hours, try going for a walk at dusk. Pamper cold short-haired dogs with warm clothes, etc.

10 Be patient and gentle with your dog, then he will learn to trust you and follow you like a leader, wherever you go.

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