The dog goes to the country

The dog is a family friend. If you decide to spend the summer in the country, then you should not deprive your pet of such pleasure.

The dog will appreciate the opportunity to run without a leash, get acquainted with the new territory and show his guarding skills to protect the owner's house. So, if your dog is going to the country, we offer you a few recommendations to avoid trouble.

The behavior of the dog largely depends on the breed of the dog. Dachshunds will explore nearby burrows, huskies will hunt small animals, and a pug will spend time at the owner's feet.

In the country

Breed features are important to consider if your neighbors breed pets, such as chickens or goats. It is necessary to ensure the safety of both other animals and your pet in order to avoid conflicts.

The suburban area must be protected by a fence, mesh or solid. The gate must close so that the dog cannot open it. If it is assumed that the dog can dig a hole, then the base of the fence must be deepened into the ground, otherwise there is a possibility of the pet escaping.

Service and aggressive breeds require special supervision, but in any case, it is better if the dog has gone through the basics of training and knows the commands, because there is such a great chance to escape from the territory of the site.

In nature, there is a high probability of catching the disease, so vaccinations must be done in advance, at least a month before the trip, in order to develop immunity. Be sure to treat for fleas and ticks, repeating the treatment periodically in the country. Ticks cause severe diseases that often lead to death of a pet. The most common disease is piroplasmosis.

It is important to consider the diet of a pet. If the food in the country will be different, then the dog must be accustomed to it in advance. Otherwise, there is a chance of harming the dog's digestive system.

If the animal is not accustomed to stay outside for a long time, then it is better for him to spend the night in a house or on a covered veranda, a rug is a must. It is better not to leave it without a leash at night in order to avoid accidental incidents.

It is better to transport a dog in the cool time of the day - early in the morning or in the evening. Overheating must not be allowed. In the country, the dog should be able to hide in the shade, and also have constant access to drinking water.

By following these recommendations, you can avoid many of the problems that await pet owners.

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2 comment

  1. Lorena Traore
    08.08.2015 at 07: 24 Reply

    Can I bring a Chihuahua with me? After all, the little one will run around the site, and we will look for her ... And we also don’t have a fence in the country, but there is a small road nearby and I’m scared that if I get distracted and the dog can get hit by a car, run away after a bird or millet will go to another area . Give me advice what should I do?

  2. Ludmila Markina
    11.02.2016 at 17: 08 Reply

    Yes, you certainly may. But at the same time, remember that you are responsible for the health and life of your pet. Upon arrival at the dacha, you need to show the boundaries of the territory and explain that it is impossible to go beyond them. If the dog is brought up and trained, then there should be no problems at all, if not, you must of course follow her, for one thing and educate a little bit 😉
    Dogs, depending on their size and breed, love to spend time in nature, so I see no reason to deprive a pet of such pleasure. Just be careful and relax together