The dog is jealous of the child. What to do?

The family has grown - you have become parents! But some don't seem to be very happy. The dog is jealous of the child - he thinks that he will lose your love and interest. How to deal with a dog's jealousy and get him to accept a new family member?

The birth of a child is a joyful event, but it will take a little effort on your part to share the joy of this event with a four-legged friend.

Sign of attentionIf the change in an animal's behavior seems strange to you, try to understand it: until now, all attention has been focused on it, but now everything has suddenly changed. Unfortunately, there are times when dogs refuse to accept a newborn baby. 

Dogs are known to be very fond of babies. But there are exceptions. In this case, it will take some effort from the young parents to help the dog accept the new family structure, overcome jealousy and love the child. How to do it right? Here are some tips to help with this:

- let the dog participate in the preparation for the arrival of the child. Do not take the dog to the balcony or yard, do not put it on a chain so that it does not “disturb” the child;

The dog is jealous of the child

- when the child first appears in the house after the birth, let the dog smell it. It is also helpful to give the baby's clothes a sniff even before the baby comes directly into the house. Mom, entering the house, should greet the dog in the same way as she greeted her before;

- do not hold the child in your arms while when you play with your dogbecause a sudden movement can injure the child;

- treat your dog the same way, as before the birth of a child, follow all established rules and rituals;

- pay attention how the dog behaves in the room with the child. Do not argue, do not shout, do not kick the dog out of the child's room. Instead, help the animal feel important. For example, let the dog give you things that belong to the child;

The dog is jealous

– make sure that when you pet your baby and talk to him affectionately, you behave the same way with the dog. Do not, under any circumstances, allow the animal to feel neglected;

- when a child starts to crawl, you will definitely must control his behavior and treatment of the dog. Grabbing the ears or snout of an animal can be perceived by the dog as a threat and cause a corresponding reaction. When the child grows up, explain to him how to properly touch the dog;

- take child for a walk with the dogand let her play with it. This will help create a good relationship between them. Show with your behavior the stability of the relationship and trust in the dog. Show the dog that you are happy to see him play with the child;

- be patient. Some dogs take less time to adjust to a new situation, while others take longer to get used to. In most cases, the animal adapts and understands that there is no threat or cause for concern.


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