Dog from the street. What is your name? Part 2

Well, your new friend, a dog from the street, has been living with you for several days now. Surely during these days you tried to call him by various names and, perhaps, you could notice which names or consonances the dog reacted to. Try to catch the moments of his reaction to your sounds and try to choose a name as close as possible to these sounds. The dog will trust you faster and contact will be established soon.

It's not scary if the dog does not respond to any name. Over time, you will be able to instill in him a new name, it will take root to him, like a native. It's also fun to watch a new pet and capture the traits of his character. In an adult dog, the character is already formed. But if you come across a puppy, his future habits will largely depend on you.

Mongrel at homeIt is likely that a long stay on the street left a mark on the character of the animal. On the street, the dog can become cowardly. This happens in cases where it is a large dog or not beautiful and dirty. People are squeamish about such dogs on the street, and this leaves a big imprint on the character of the animal. This is accompanied by cowardice and distrust of the animal to people.

If the dog is on the street for a short time, he may seek help and support from people. Such dogs usually become attached to passersby on the street, who may remind them of their former owners. Or just ask for food and help.

You can determine what the dog's owner was like by its attitude and the behavior that it will show to your family and friends. Watching such moments, you will be able to determine who was her owner - a man or a woman, what he could have looked like and even the tone of voice.

It may happen that you get a thoroughbred dog from the street. In this case, she can be well brought up, well trained, accustomed to cleanliness and accuracy. With such a dog, you will not have any difficulties.

Continuing the theme, I suggest Part 1 и Part 3, where you can learn about the first steps towards meeting the friendship of a mongrel that you picked up from the street. And also, you will be presented with tips on the basics of dog training, taking into account their past yard life.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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