Dog bitten or imminent attack - How to proceed?

Among animals, dogs are considered the most loyal to humans. After all, it is not for nothing that for many people they become best friends. Despite this, a lot of people suffer, wounds heal for a long time if the dog has bitten. Fatalities are inevitable if this is a brutal attack by one individual or a pack of dogs. Many do not know how to behave in a critical situation - when a dog attacks.

Pack of stray dogs

Unfortunately, some dogs may attack humans for no reason. Moreover, regardless of their number, you need to act correctly and decisively.

  • First of all, you should turn your face in the direction of the attack, press your chin to your chest (this is done in order to protect your neck);
  • And confidently shout out several commands like “lie down”, “sit”, etc .;
  • It will also be effective to throw some object in front of you (you can have a hat, bag, etc.);
  • But do not raise your hand high when throwing. This will alert any dog;
  • It is very important not to make sudden movements, this will provoke an attack.

Do not be afraid

Dogs feel fear very well, and it is because of fear that it can happen that a dog bites a person. A person's fear can provoke a pack of dogs to attack. Therefore, keeping calm, you can avoid such a situation.

What to do if the dog has already attacked?

You need to defend yourself with the help of available items: be it an umbrella, a bag, a stick, stones, etc. At the same time, you should gradually go to the shelter (to the building, to the fence, to the tree) and call for help.

If there are no objects and shelter nearby, then you can only rely on yourself.

Sign of attentionAs one option, you can wrap your forearm and hand with clothes (jacket or jacket) and provoke the dog to bite, and then hit him hard on the upper jaw. Pain points of the dog: groin, nose and tongue. It is on them that it is most effective to strike.

If the dog knocks a person down, then he needs to turn on his stomach and cover his neck with his hands. It is very important not to let her bite her neck. At least it will give a little time and hope for help.

Confident and quick action in such a critical situation will help save your life. True, it is most likely impossible to avoid injuries in such a fight, therefore, after it, you should immediately consult a doctor. The fact is that in addition to bodily injury, there is also a risk of infection rabies. To avoid this, qualified emergency assistance is needed.

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