The dogs fought. 10 ways to disengage dogs. Part 2

1. Gas spray against a dog.

A fairly common way to protect and prevent an attack is to use a pepper spray, which can be used if the dogs have a fight. Gas cartridges can be purchased at pet stores, hunting and gun stores. The spray can be used even before an unfriendly dog, showing aggression, rushes at your pet. It will get close enough to a distance of 1,5 meters to accurately hit the eyes and nose of the aggressor. The spray can also be used to break up the dog fight. To do this, you need to get very close to the grappled animals, and spray the mouth, nose and eyes of the enemy. An aggressive dog will retreat from the pepper jet and is unlikely to dare to approach you.

You can also use a stun gun. But, at the same time, beware of killing the attacking dog. You just have to push it a little. The stun gun should be used before the dogs fight. Otherwise, you risk electrocuting both dogs. In addition, if you or another person touches an animal while the stun gun is operating, it may also be subject to electric shock.

2. Rescue item to disengage dogs.

In order to avoid dog fights, you can use various improvised items. These can be umbrellas, sticks, bags or backpacks. They can also be used when an aggressor approaches. Swing a stick, an umbrella, not allowing an aggressive dog to come closer. You can also block an attack on your pet with a backpack or bag. This will give a little time to grab and unhook the dogs. If it happens that one of the dogs has a tight grip on the teeth, use a stick to disengage the teeth and loosen the grip. To do this, you need to stick a stick through the mouth.

3. A collar to help if the dogs got into a fight.

You should try to pull the dogs away by collars and leashes. If one of the dogs does not have a collar, you need to wrap your hands around its neck. Be sure to act in concert with the person who helps you in this dog fight. It is very difficult to disengage dogs alone, so be sure to work with two people.

To disengage dogs in a fight with a collar, you need to drag it to the ears and cheekbones, but in such a way that it does not fly off the dog. Next, clamp the collar in such a way that it chokes the dog a little, so you can separate the animals.

If the attacking dog is uncollared, use the other end of your leash and do the same choke technique. You will be able to control the movements of the head of the animal, which will protect you and your dog from being bitten.

If one of the dogs has a "hard" grip, continue to choke until it disengages its jaw. In this case, you should press on the neck from the side of the larynx, thereby giving the animal the opportunity to retreat and inhale the air.

4. Ears are not ours.

A great way to separate dogs in a grip is by the ears. Due to the fact that this is a pain technique, it must be followed carefully. Don't hurt the ears of the dogs. With both hands, grasping the ears or ear of the dog, perform a painful hold, pulling the head by the ear in the opposite direction of the attack. This method can also work to open the mouth of a well-hung dog. But, at the same time, you need to be afraid that the dragged dog may bite you. Therefore, immediately after the dogs have been pulled apart a little, it is necessary to abruptly intercept the dog by the collar or leash.

5. The main thing is the tail and eggs.

When pulling dogs, you can use their tails. Grasping the tails well, pull in different directions as much as possible. The tail should be taken at the very base, where it is dense, has muscles. Using the dog's tail, you take a position away from his teeth, which is a safer method for you. For a more serious effect, pinch the male's balls. With this approach, the enemy will certainly howl. After all this, again, it is necessary to intercept the dog by the collar or leash.

6. Mane for overclocking.

Firmly grasp the withers (mane) of the dogs with your hands and try to pull them apart. This is also a painful and not pleasant reception for the animal. But, at the same time, the dog has a lot of free head action. Therefore, when applying this method, keep an eye on the dog's head so as not to be bitten. You can additionally hold the dog by the collar with your other hand, while controlling its head and jaws.

7. If the dogs have a fight, act straight up.

By tearing the dog off the ground, you deprive it of confidence and support. A suspended dog loses the ability to attack. It is necessary to lift the dog that has grabbed its teeth so that it loosens its grip. If possible, take your pet in your arms before the aggressor attacks her. But, at the same time, you must stand firmly on the ground so that the attacking dog cannot push and knock you over. If the size and weight of your dog does not allow you to pick it up, you can slightly lift it by the collar. If there is no collar, lift by the withers, or grab the dog with both hands so that you can tear his front paws off the ground.

8. The command "hang up".

If the dogs have a fight, do not forget about the teams, especially if the dog is trained. If not, she may just be afraid of your tone of voice. Try to pronounce commands firmly and confidently. Use the commands “Fu”, “No”, “No”, “Drop”, “Let go”, etc. They can work, so do not neglect them.

9. Calmness, only calmness.

A possible, but less effective, method to disengage the grip of the dogs themselves is to try to calm them down. The owner of the dog that clung to another must sit down, hug and in a high-pitched voice, stroking the withers, make the dog calm down. At the same time, you should be prepared for the fact that at the moment of unclenching your teeth, you need to have time to grab the animal by the collar or withers and drag it away. After that, already at a distance, you should continue to calm the dog.

10. Contrast shower.

A great way to disengage dogs in a fight is to pour water over them. In this case, cold or slightly hot water should be used. Do not scald the animal. Such an unexpected contrast shower will introduce the dog into bewilderment and, as a result, the fight will be stopped. Until the animal understands what is happening, you will have enough time to take him away from the center of events and calm him down. This method may not be effective if you use water from a small glass. Dogs may ignore you. Therefore, you should not think about this method if you do not have at least 3 liters of water with good pressure on hand. I had practice with water. I carried a 6-liter eggplant full of water in the car. The method worked.

Ways to disengage dogs

I hope you remember at least a couple of methods out of ten and this will help you in unpleasant cases that may be waiting for your pet around any corner during a walk. I must also point out to you Part 1 topics - how to act if the dogs had a fight. Follow the rules for walking animals in public places - be sure to wear a collar and leash for your dog. Aggressive and large breeds of dogs wear strict collars and muzzles. Keep your dog on a short leash if there is another dog or person nearby. Thanks to this, you can avoid unpleasant and acute moments. And walking your pets will become safer and more enjoyable for you.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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