Dog breed Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog)

We often meet during a walk on our green meadow with a handsome Alabai breed. Strength, power, grace and kind eyes leave no one indifferent. Many stories have been heard, many fairy tales have been retold, where Alabai dogs bravely save their owners from trouble.

Why look into fairy tales and go far, for example, in September 2012, at the cost of his life, the alabai saved the owner, who fell asleep while drunk on the railroad tracks. It is inherent in Alabai to give their lives for the owner - they talk about them. And it is true. Of course, there will be those among you who will remember the killer dogs that attack children, etc. In such cases, you need to dig deeper.

AttentionThe negative behavior of dogs of the Alabai breed (although this applies to absolutely all breeds) is the merit of the owner, who, through his stupidity, raised a beast that is dangerous for himself and those around him. After all, it is the owner who puts culture, understanding, upbringing into the puppy and sets priorities. Getting into the society of a person, or a group of people (a family, for example), a dog begins to live according to their rules. And if brute force was applied to the dog by the owners, you should not expect gentle and affectionate behavior from the dog. The dog is always observant and takes an example from a person. “He beats me, his wife, children, he is rude and angry. It's probably the way they do it. So I can too, ”the dog would say if he could speak.

Alabai is an ancient breed of dogs, in whose veins Tibetan blood flows, as well as the fighting spirit of Mesopotamian dogs, the shepherd skills of various nomadic tribes. The Tibetan Mastiff and the Mongolian Shepherd Dog are the closest relatives for the Alabai. The breed was formed over more than four thousand years in a radius of land from the Urals to Afghanistan and from China to the Caspian Sea (by today's standards).

The purpose of the Alabaev:

  • livestock protection;
  • protection of industrial zones;
  • protection of the owners, their homes;
  • hunting for wild animals;
  • draft force;

A feature of the breed is that the Alabai, while guarding the territory or protecting the owner, will not engage in battle without obvious danger.

Alabai dog breed - photo:

Alabai puppies


White alabai


Black alabai


red alabai


Brief description of the three main types:

1. mountain type Alabaev has a special endurance, strong physique and stockiness. They have a thick, long coat due to the height of the mountainous region. The angle of the hind legs is almost like that of the Tibetan mastiff.

2. steppe type Alabaev are very fast, fit dogs. Compared to the mountain type, it has a lighter physique. Has long hair.

3. Oasis-desert type alabaev has the same characteristics as in the steppe type. The only difference is the short coat.

Alabai dog fights

Fighting dogs of the Alabai breed is a centuries-old Turkmen national tradition that gathers many participants and spectators. Not a single solemn event was complete without fights of the best representatives of the breed. Thanks to this tradition, today we have a strong, fearless, hardy, invincible breed. This tradition is one of the links in breeding activities to improve the breed. And as long as there is a need to protect livestock, traditional fighting will continue.

Alabai in dog fights

Many countries have gone the other way - the destruction of wolves and other pests that were a danger to herds of livestock in the pasture and beyond. This means that the need for such rituals to improve the fighting qualities of shepherd dogs has been eliminated.

Countries where predators remain enemies for humans and continue to attack herds almost daily, raise the fighting spirit of their defenders - alabai dogs, without which it is simply impossible to do. Strong dogs easily eliminate the problem. And this is thanks to the ancient tradition of dog fighting, where the best of the best are selected. Over the years, recommendations and rules for refereeing have been developed, mechanisms have been established that do not lead to injuries among fighters.

As part of the national selection, Alabai dog fights are also held in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and other countries. There is a need for this.

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