The dogs got into a fight. How to act? Part 1

Going for a walk with your pet in the yard, you run the risk of being attacked by mongrels and dogs of ignorant owners who do not look after their pet and are simply naive and uncultured in terms of walking dogs without a muzzle and a leash. Such dogs can pose a danger to other inhabitants of the street. Therefore, it is necessary to know a number of actions and methods in case the dogs grappled in a fight.

Of course, the best way is to avoid confrontation. And you can do it. Take a closer look at whether the owner of the dog is nearby and warn him to take measures to restrain his pet - put on a muzzle, take it on a leash. At least until you are out of his sight.

If you come across a mongrel or an unattended dog that shows aggression and signs of attack towards your pet, use a leash. Namely, take your dog by the leash in such a way that the other end of the leash remains long enough and loose. Hold the free end of the leash so that you can throw it when the aggressor approaches, thereby scaring him off. You can also use a stick or a stone, but do not throw directly at the animal, so as not to cause injury. Your leash is then a softer material.

The dogs got into a fightAlso, do not forget to put on a muzzle for your dog, it is necessary. Using a muzzle, you protect not only other people's dogs, other animals and people, but also yourself. In any skirmish, trying to disengage your dog, you can accidentally get hurt. Your pet may accidentally click your hand with its teeth, confusing it with someone else.

If you are an experienced dog owner and are ready to stand up for her, you can take her in your arms, unless, of course, the size and weight of the animal allow. If this is not possible, you can try to stand between the dogs, that is, hide your pet behind you. After blocking the path and angle of attack on your dog, try to repel the attack with kicks from your legs. In doing so, you must be aware that you can get injured bruises and bites.

It's hard to go it alone when the dogs are in a fight and you have to rescue them. If possible, call someone for help in advance - the owner of another dog or people who can help you. Working together, agree on ways to disengage dogs during a fight.

In continuation of the topic, we suggest that you consider a number of ways that work flawlessly if the dogs grappled in a fight. 10 ways to disengage dogs (Part 2).

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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