Rescue of a drowning man

I'll start my story with the fact that I have a dog - a French bulldog, whose name is Veta.

Once there was such a case with me and my beloved dog. Mom and I go to walk Veta at the stadium, and sometimes in the forest - not far from us, where we live.

And when I was 7 years old, or even a little less, we went to the forest for a walk with the dog. Veta at that time was then a small puppy.

When we came to the forest, she jumped there, ran like a hare, gnawed sticks - she had fun, everything was interesting to her.


And then suddenly, I look, and Veta is nowhere to be found. I began to look out for her, to look for her - I ran up to the shore, I hear a splash of water behind the reeds - I look, and she begins to sink in the water. I immediately rushed after her and pulled her out of the water, I myself got wet almost to the waist and my mother immediately ran up. I did not even think at the moment when I entered the water - maybe there is depth there?

The dog had never seen so much water and did not know how to swim, and most likely thought that there was a shoal, and there was a descent. And so she leaned in and began to sink. She still can't swim. Mom then took us: me in one hand, Veta in the other, and quickly ran home with us so that we would not catch a cold.

Mom is proud of me. I, too, no matter how proud of myself, but I consider myself the savior of Veta.

This is what I did.

Alexandra, 11 years old, Dnepropetrovsk
Contest participant me and my dog

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