The secret hatred of an intellectual

My Jack Russell Whiskey is the most intelligent and well-mannered dog in the world. Unlike most representatives of his breed, he was extremely intelligent from childhood, easily succumbed to training and never gave me serious trouble.

But, like every intellectual, Whiskey has one feature. I suspect that she was born in his bright mind even before his birth, because sometimes it is expressed even brighter than love for his own mistress. Whiskey doesn't like Pekingese. He hates them more than he loves me, I think so. He gets along well with all dogs, sometimes, of course, they growl at each other and disperse. But with the sons of Beijing, my Whiskey has a special score.

Jack Russell Terrier

It is difficult to describe in words the transformation that happens to him, as soon as he sees a Pekingese. Agile and playful, he turns into a cold-blooded, prudent ninja, whose every movement is aimed at exterminating the enemy. He lies on the ground, apparently in order to create an effect of surprise, spontaneously jumping on the enemy. At these moments, he loses his hearing, smell and fear of being punished for disobedience. Jack Russell's maximum concentration is a furry Pekingese on the horizon.

Knowing this feature of a four-legged friend, I prefer to use a leash during walks. But here, too, my brilliant villain found a way to influence the Pekingese. Even from afar, he begins to growl softly, and not very viciously and furiously, just as if talking to representatives of his “favorite” breed. From these conversations, the Pekingese go into a terrible frenzy, this must be seen. They bounce, sometimes even fall sideways from anger or accidentally fall into a puddle (how I sympathize with their owners !!!), burst into crazy barking. At the same time, my intellectual looks at them with a detached look, and in his eyes the question: “Why are they so nervous?”

The apotheosis of this feature of Whiskey was our move. The rather friendly neighbors turned out to have a pretty little dog of our favorite breed. Realizing that it is impossible to spoil relations with neighbors, Whiskey does his job quietly. At first I did not notice this, but when I saw it, I appreciated his sophisticated revenge.

Every time we come back from a walk, he marks the neighbor's rug. Just a little bit so that no one notices this message. Nobody but Willie. When the neighbors go out into the vestibule, their calm baby begins to bark loudly and desperately, howl and squeal, perplexing his owners. He goes into a real rage, and Whiskey stands at the door and revels in his revenge. Sometimes it seems to me that in these moments he smiles. Appeasement is simply written on his cunning muzzle.

Maria Vorobieva

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