Ultrasonic repeller to protect your pet from foreign dogs

They usually talk about an ultrasonic repeller when it comes to dogs attacking a person. But, there are often times when you need to protect your pet from a pack of dogs. Dogs usually attack to defend territory, or because of poor parenting if it is a pet. But, this does not mean that you cannot walk with your pet past the next courtyard. Earlier in the blog, we reviewed 10 ways to disengage dogs in a fight. But, after all, you can also prevent a fight, for example, by scaring away the defenders of your territory with an ultrasonic repeller, thereby freeing yourself and your dog the way.

Ultrasonic repeller

With an ultrasonic repeller, it will also be calmer for a person living in an area where dogs are found in large numbers, especially if they walk without muzzles, it is difficult to feel safe. Not only a wild, but also a domestic dog that has its owner can one day get out of control and attack a random passerby, tearing his clothes, or, even worse, injuring him. A special ultrasonic repeller, a modern high-tech device that is sold today in many stores, can effectively protect you from toothy creatures.

AttentionAttention: There is a possibility that dogs get used to annoying ultrasound and, perhaps, the reaction will be less pronounced on the second or third time. There is also a small percentage that an ultrasonic repeller will make the dog even more irritable. Therefore, it is recommended to buy expensive high-quality devices, proven brands.

The ultrasonic repeller is a compact device that fits easily in a handbag, on a belt or in a coat pocket. This device generates a directional ultrasonic signal that is not audible to the human ear, but it has an overwhelming effect on the psyche of dogs. The ultrasonic signal affects the dog's nervous system and suppresses aggression at the root, forcing the offender to retreat back home. Moreover, with all this, the signal will not affect your pet, which you took out for a walk in the yard. Such a device is powered by batteries and does not take up much space in your pocket, at the same time, bringing tangible benefits and allowing you to calmly walk around the area.

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