Terrible disease

I wanted a dog for a very long time. And then the day came when they gave it to me. The breeder had to bring 2 dwarf poodle puppies. There were so many thoughts in my head: what to feed the puppy? is it worth it to wear it? Who will it be - a boy or a girl? how to name?

My cell phone brought me back to earth. They called to say that you can pick up a puppy. I quickly got up and went outside. I looked into the car. Before my eyes sat a little white girl with red ears. Her beady black eyes looked at me and waited for what I would do.

Terrible disease

I picked her up and took her home. We named her Christina. For a few months everything was great. But, in July, she fell ill. We took her to the best veterinary clinics. Call home the best veterinarians. Christina was hopelessly ill. Nobody could tell what happened to her.

I soon realized that there was no point in torturing her. She didn't eat or even drink water. The only thing the veterinarians told me was the phrase: “your dog’s stomach is dried up like dried fruit. Like raisins from grapes.”

I made the decision to euthanize her. It was the only way I could help her. For a long time I suffered and missed her. But, she couldn't do anything. For a whole month Christina came to me in my dreams. Whenever I thought of her, tears welled up in my eyes.

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