Welsh Corgi is an ideal breed for children, home environments and beginner dog breeders

Do you really want to get a dog in your house or apartment, but you have never had a dog before and you are not sure that you can handle it? Do you also have small children and are you afraid that they will get along and be all safe, healthy and happy? Then pay attention to the Welsh Corgi - this is the smallest shepherd dog.

Sign of attentionBalanced, good-natured, cheerful and well-trained dog.

Welsh Corgi dogs of medium size, up to 14 kg, on strong low legs, up to 30 cm at the withers, with a strong physique, balanced character, unlimited patience, which ensures the safe interaction of the animal with children of different ages, even with small, unpredictable fidgets studying the world, your surroundings and, of course, your furry friend with big protruding ears. Leaving your child with a Corgi, you can be calm for both the child and the dog. And then, when the child grows up and moves a lot and runs, the corgi will also be the best friend who does not know what fatigue is, and is always ready to run and play, because this breed is quite active and hardy.


This dog is a godsend for children: it will graze, entertain and play hide and seek. Very cheerful, funny, positive dog with a sense of humor.
As for the sense of humor, I'm absolutely serious!

positive emoticonThe British officially indicate the presence of humor in the Welsh Corgi breed standard.

These dogs know how to smile, wink funny, flirt, make funny faces, and even something like, make fun of a dog.

welsh corgi
They learn commands and tricks easily and demonstrate their skills with great pleasure.
So, teenagers will also be interested in this breed.

As for other pets, again - yes. Corgis are very friendly and even diplomatic, they get along and are friendly with everyone. And if they don’t want to be friends with them, then they try to delicately establish relations, or simply not touch another animal.

The Welsh Corgi has another important plus for apartment and home conditions - they are quiet. This does not mean that Corgis do not have a voice or they do not know how to bark, they have a voice, moreover, the tonality and variety of sounds made are wider compared to other breeds, and they know how to bark, they just bark just like that. These dogs love to keep up a conversation with their owners, they can sing or grumble funny, they can warn of an unusual situation, a violation of discipline, or the arrival of guests, but they bark because others are barking or just won’t.

Care is easy and very simple.
Wipe the paws with a damp cloth after a walk or wash, depending on the pollution and as you prefer, comb out 1-2 times a month to clean, refresh the hair and help get rid of faded hair and trim. Bathe with shampoo, preferably no more than once every six months, or as needed. This is due to the fact that Corgis are very short, and they need to maintain their natural immunity and protective microflora, which is formed on the dog and protects against diseases. From frequent bathing with detergents, the microflora does not have time to fully resume and the dog's immunity suffers from this.

It is important to know that there are two types of Welsh Corgi. Pembroke - a more decorative type of breed, with a soft coat, slightly lower and smaller, very similar to a fox. More suitable for home and family. And the second type - a cardigan, is more often used as a working type, it is a little larger and more powerful than its relatives, the wool is tougher.
As for the working qualities of this breed, they are professional shepherds of cattle and geese and wonderful detectives. And they are also very well suited for working with special children - autists, and just those who need to develop fine motor skills. But this breed is not suitable for protection, neither one nor the second species. Unless, as a warning and distraction.

Sign of attentionHow to choose a puppy, as well as the breed standard and its history, we will tell in the next article.

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