The effect of air on dog health

The most important factor, namely the external one, affecting the nature of animals in aggregate, is directly air. Namely - temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, circulation, as well as the content of bacteria and solid particles in it.

dog body temperature

An important feature of any home inhabitant is its body temperature. It is different from the temperature of the human body and is 37,5 - 39 degrees. This gap is explained by the fact that all dogs are different and this indicator depends on the breed and size of the pet. It is necessary to constantly monitor the body temperature of dogs, as the slightest changes can adversely affect the well-being of the animal.

dangerous sun

The dog should not be allowed to be in direct sunlight for a long time, because this often leads to sunstroke and severe overheating of the body.

Pet hypothermia

At the same time, a strong and sharp hypothermia of the body entails various colds, even frostbite of the limbs. Air, both humid and cold, also leads to hypothermia of the body. High air humidity at normal temperatures can also cause fatigue, difficulty breathing and poor health in dogs that are directly on the walk.

dog and window

High air humidity

Overheating of the dog's body occurs due to the fact that moist air blocks the normal evaporation of moisture from the animal's body. It should be noted that any animal will feel much better being outside when the air humidity is lower in relation to the temperature. Therefore, walking and training a pet will be most effective if the temperature reaches 18-20 degrees, air humidity is 40-60%. An important fact is that at any temperature, the humidity of the air should be no more than 70%.

climate change

Each dog grows up in certain climatic conditions and, accordingly, gets used to them. If the animal is transferred to another area, then you need to know that it will be a very long and difficult period of adaptation to the new climate. It is necessary to carefully monitor the general condition of the dog in a new place.

Strong wind

Another fact of the negative impact on the health of a pet is a strong wind, as it leads to difficult breathing, and the dust formed during the wind can get into the eyes and make it difficult for the animal to move. In this regard, with strong winds, it is best to limit walks on the street. Such weather can lead to infection of the respiratory tract, and if ingested - to poisoning.

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