Raising puppies according to their requirements

Nurturing puppies

An important element in raising puppies is feeding. At these moments, you can even teach a small dog some commands, for example: “come to me”, “sit”. Do not allow the puppy to beg, taking pity and feeding the animal, you provoke such behavior in the future.

Toilet training a puppy

Cleanliness of puppies is brought up individually. To avoid trouble, secure your home. It is worth removing carpets and laying newspapers in those rooms where the baby will stay for the first months. Puppies can't stand it for long, so as soon as you notice that the dog starts to search, behave anxiously, take him to the place of the toilet. Also take your puppy there immediately after eating or sleeping. After the animal does its business in the right place, praise it. If the baby relieved his need in the wrong place, silently remove it, but do not scold him. Also, don't poke your nose.

Lack of attention to the puppy in such cases serves as a stronger argument in your favor. Otherwise, the pet will think that this is an encouragement, and this behavior will be repeated.

Raising a puppyWhen the puppy is three months old, and, accordingly, all the vaccinations necessary for this period have been made, you can safely transfer the dog toilet to the street. After sleep, food, take the dog out into the yard, and give the command "walk". As soon as the puppy does his business, immediately praise him. For several times the dog will reorganize and will already ask to go into the yard as needed.

Raising puppies when changing teeth

The most difficult period in puppy development is the beginning of the change of teeth. Remove from the dog's field of view all unnecessary objects that you would not want to find chewed. Provide your puppy with toys that he can chew on. Playing with him together, you will teach good manners.

Konstantin Markin

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