Walking the dog the right way

Hello everybody. Today we want to share some dog walking tips with you.

Of course, the most important thing why apartment dogs are walked is the toilet, but remember that in addition to the toilet, the dog still needs to get enough fresh air, get the necessary physical activity to maintain health and fitness, and throw out excess energy so that he can then calmly behave at home. After all , very often dogs become hyperactive and can be naughty in the house precisely from a lack of walks, and physical and nervous relaxation.

And even if you have such a small breed as a Chihuahua, Spitz, Toy or Yorkshire Terrier, if they know how to go to the toilet on a diaper, and your apartment can serve as a gym for them, we still recommend taking the dogs out for a walk, at least in good weather.
Also, we advise you to please those who live in a private courtyard with walks. Yes, they have the opportunity to go to the toilet and breathe fresh air, but besides this, the dog, like a person, wants variety and new experiences.

Walking the dog properly

Now, as for the walk itself. It is desirable that the dog walks on the street for at least an hour and a half, if there is an opportunity and desire, of course, more is possible, the dog will be grateful to you for this. It is best to walk in the morning and in the evening, I think for obvious reasons - the need for a toilet. If you have a puppy, you will have to do it more often, for the same reason.

To walk we need:

A leash is needed, no matter what breed your pet is. First of all, for his safety, for example, if you walk near the road, so that the dog does not accidentally run out onto the roadway for one reason or another. It also happens that small breeds of dogs are afraid of something, or someone, and begin to run away. On a leash, they can be easily stopped and calmed down. If your dog is a large or fighting breed, then the leash will provide peace of mind to others while walking in crowded places.

If you have an adult dog of a large or fighting breed, a muzzle is definitely necessary for the peace of others.

Thanks to the toy and the “fetch” command, you can give physical activity and relaxation, as well as entertain and give a good mood.

positive emoticonIf your pet belongs to a hunting breed, or a breed that requires large and intense loads, you can take a bike or roller skates with you and arrange a marathon. The dog will be able to run enough and throw out excess energy, and you will save your strength.

Command set
In order to make walking with a dog easy and enjoyable, it is advisable to learn a set of commands needed for a walk. Here is the list:

"beside" - a very important command for a walk, involves the constant presence of a dog near your leg, regardless of whether the dog is on a leash or not, you are walking or standing. The dog constantly monitors your actions and repeats them. Without this command, a walk can turn into torment. Believe me, it is much more pleasant to walk for pleasure, and not to run after the dog with a tight leash, or drag it along with you.

"to me" - this command will help you call the dog to you at the first need, even if he walks without a leash.

"sit", often in combination sit wait - used in cases where you need to keep the dog in place in a calm state, maybe even for a long time, for example, you need to go to the store on the way, but dogs are not allowed there.

"it is forbidden", or a more categorical and tough form - “fu” - will help stop the dog from not wanting to do something: pick up something from the ground, chase a cat ...

"fetch" - will help to play and at the same time give the necessary physical activity and relaxation.

Sign of attentionIf your dog or puppy doesn't know these commands yet, it doesn't mean that they should be deprived of the pleasure of walking. Walking is a must, for one thing you can learn or consolidate the necessary commands. Such a walk will be doubly useful 😉
Have a nice and productive trip! 🙂

Ludmila Markina

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  1. Matthew
    27.02.2016 at 09: 21 Reply

    Hello, my name is Matvey. I want to ask. I have a Chihuahua dog. She is one year old. Can I teach her commands and how?

    • Ludmila Markina
      27.02.2016 at 22: 11 Reply

      Matthew, hello.
      Yes, of course, Chihuahuas are very playful and smart dogs, and they also love to serve and serve their owners)))
      They are happy to wear toys and perform other commands. Initially, all teams learn on a leash so that you can control the actions of your pet, and of course, for each correctly performed action, you need to give a treat, praise and stroke. First, you must forcefully show the dog what is required of it and back it up with a treat (several times). And then, if the dog does something wrong, you will slightly pull the leash, and she will look for the right options.

  2. Matthew
    28.02.2016 at 06: 58 Reply

    Thank you!

  3. Masha
    02.04.2016 at 14: 37 Reply

    Good afternoon, my girlfriend has a dog, a very good, kind dog. The fact is that when she walks him, he reacts aggressively to other dogs. Therefore, she cannot let him off the leash and Jack does not walk normally. A friend found him on the street when he was small. (now he is 2 and a half years old). Help please!!!!

    • Ludmila Markina
      04.04.2016 at 10: 52 Reply

      Good afternoon, Masha.
      In order for a dog not to be aggressive towards others, it must be taught to get acquainted with other dogs, be friends and respect them. And also respect the mistress herself and obey her under any circumstances.
      Based on the fact that the dog is already very adult, and a friend somewhere missed this moment in education, it is better to seek the help of a zoopsychologist. At this age, it will take 20 classes to eliminate this problem and consolidate a respectful attitude.

  4. Nastya
    14.12.2016 at 07: 14 Reply

    Hello, we have a German Shepherd, a girl of 2 months, what are the important commands to start teaching her? And how to start walking with a collar and a leash? (He reacts badly, takes it off)

    • Ludmila Markina
      22.01.2017 at 11: 50 Reply

      Good afternoon.
      We advise you to start with education: to tell and show what is possible, what is not. And it will already be, in fact, two teams;)
      For example: if he chews slippers, say “no”, pull the collar, give a toy to the dog and say “you can”
      It’s also good to learn the command place, next to it, go ahead ... yes, in principle, you can learn a lot of commands - everything the puppy does: now he lies down, say “lie down”, sits “sit”, goes to the place “place”, goes next to “beside”, go-go"…
      And how to accustom to a collar and learn about their importance and meaning, you can in my article http://sobakan.com/oshejnik-i-povodok-kak-i-zachem-primenyat/

  5. Bases Trust 2017
    20.12.2016 at 12: 07 Reply

    What is wrong with us…….only this is the reason for all these strict rules for dogs and the unquestioning deification of man, despite the fact that it was he, the reasonable one, who showed complete recklessness and aggression. I was looking for a law with the rules for keeping dogs and the obligations of owners of movable

  6. Dedicated servers
    02.03.2017 at 23: 44 Reply

    The road home from a walk is made on a leash and nothing else, if the dog has “worked up” it will not resist returning to four familiar walls. Already at home, when the leash is removed, the walk can be considered finished.

  7. Dedicated servers
    08.09.2017 at 21: 48 Reply

    First of all, you must understand that when you go outside, there will be other people and animals besides you and your dog. If you asked your dog about this, she would certainly answer you that as often as possible and for as long as possible.