Husky and Malamute - how to distinguish

The Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky were bred in the northern latitudes, they were used primarily as sled dogs. The homeland of the first is Alaska, the second - Siberia. Due to the harsh conditions in their homelands, both breeds are very hardy. They have to move through deep snow.

Dogs in harness

Huskies and Malamute are breeds that have shown themselves to be excellent helpers and friends of people. Both breeds are drawn to people, affectionate and playful. Over the long years of the existence of breeds, they have completely repulsed aggression towards people. Any manifestation of aggression towards a person is considered as a marriage (unless, of course, you bring the dog to a white knee).

These two beautiful breeds of dogs are very similar to each other physically. Those who are not very versed in the breeds can easily make a mistake. But the differences in them are just as well visible, especially if you put dogs of these two breeds side by side. It is more difficult if you see one of the representatives of these two breeds.

Husky and Malamute - comparison

Let's try to figure out how to distinguish a Husky from a Malamute. First of all, I want to draw attention to this - many hunting dog breeds that were bred in the north of the European continent are commonly called huskies.

Sign of attentionMalamute and Huskies are not huskies, moreover, huskies significantly lose to them in harness, but they are clearly in the lead in hunting. You can often hear from people who are inexperienced in these matters: “like a husky” - no, it doesn’t happen! There is a husky - a hunter, there are husky and malamute - riding.

Malamute - has more physical strength. Friendly, calm. More obedient and better trainable. Malamute is designed to transport quite significant cargo over long distances. At the same time, he develops a small speed, but moves forward with perseverance - nothing will stop him!

Husky - differ in speed, character, good memory. They are cunning, curious, and most importantly, they know how to make decisions, and not just follow commands. They can be trained, but it costs the breeder a lot of effort. Husky runs briskly, the task of dogs is to quickly deliver a small load to its destination, so they often take part in speed competitions. Husky movements are more free, easy.


Malamute - larger and more massive, taller than a husky, but not much, the tail is lowered. The fur is thick and fluffy. As a rule, they are gray-white in color. Brown eyes. The blue color of the eyes of a Malamute is a marriage.

Alaskan Malamute

Husky - more squat than Malamutes. The coat is thick and dense, not so fluffy. But the undercoat is soft and looks like silver threads. There are various colors - black and white, brown and white, gray and white, pure gray, and very rare - pure white. The tail is raised in the form of a month or twisted into a ring. Powerful but light paws. Huskies have unique eye colors. Brown, gray, yellow, and of course blue. It can also be heterochromia - a different eye color.

Siberian Husky

positive emoticonSky blue eyes are one of the qualities that made the Husky breed quite popular all over the world, especially in the USA, Canada, Italy, and Russia. It is said that in the north, the gods chose the husky as the guardian of the aurora borealis and awarded her with unique eyes.

Undoubtedly, both breeds are magnificent and which one to choose, everyone will decide for himself. If you are going to become the happy owner of a Malamute or Husky, be prepared in advance for long walks, for hyperactivity, constant games. Because these dogs have a lot of energy. Never hit or punish them or you will end up with the dog running away from you. In training, pay attention to the "attachment technique". Treat your pet with care and tenderness. Appreciate and love.

And do not forget the most important thing - "We are responsible for those we have tamed!" as the Little Prince said about his fox cub.

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