I remember that incredible feeling

I remember that incredible feeling when one evening my mother came home with a little fluffy bundle of happiness - it was a Shih Tzu puppy. Then, to be honest, I didn’t even know what kind of breed it was, I didn’t even have an idea about what a wonderful creature was in front of me. But one thing I remember for sure - that very feeling of joy that I experienced when looking at our new family member.

The puppy itself was unusual, the smallest of all, but became the most beloved. Mom was delighted with her color, “ashy” - that's what she called it. We came up with the name for this miracle Glafira. Thanks to his love for cheese, our dog very soon received a postscript to his name - “Glafira I want cheese” 🙂

Over these almost 6 years, Glasha and I have gone through a lot - both joyful moments and difficult situations, but you forget about any misfortune when you come home and this little miracle meets you so sincerely and joyfully, wagging its tails, that you really understand - there is on Earth so unselfishly and devotedly loving creatures - our dogs.


They will not leave us in difficult times, they will love us despite our financial situation, religion, nationality and other prejudices, they always wait for us long and hard, and when we meet they are always happy to see us ... and believe us. They believe that they will not be abandoned or left, will not be betrayed or forgotten, but will give them love and affection, care and kindness, because that is what they deserve. Let's appreciate our true friends, do not forget about them, protect them. Let's all learn to reciprocate.

Elizaveta Ivanova
Contest participant me and my dog

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    Pretty interesting for sure. I can't subscribe to every word you say, but in general I agree.

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