Inversion of the eyelids in dogs - entropy

Entropy in dogs is a condition in which the dog's eyelids turn inward.

Entropy Symptoms

The dog's eyes are squinted or closed almost all the time due to severe pain and irritation. In an animal suffering from entropy, constant watery discharge from the eyes can be observed.

Causes of the disease

Eyelid curl in dogs can be caused by excess skin on the head. This disease is prone to breeds such as Shar-Pei, Mastino Neapolitano, Chow-Chow and others.

entropy in dogs

– If the dog has congenital microphthalmos (reduction of the eyeball) or subatrophy of the eye after severe trauma or inflammation, the eyelids are left without sufficient support, which is usually the eyeball, and are wrapped inward.

- Damage to the cornea of ​​​​the eye can also be the cause of the disease, due to the fact that the dog constantly squints in pain. From constant muscle tension, a volvulus of the eyelid occurs (in this case, spastic volvulus). When the cornea is healed, the eyelids are restored.

- The inversion of the eyelids in dogs inward contributes to the friction of the surface of the eyeball (cornea) with eyelashes, hair, thereby causing severe irritation. If the necessary measures are not taken in time, the cornea may begin to ulcerate, which in turn can lead to blurred vision or complete blindness.

NegativeSome puppies are born with a predisposition to this condition, although this only becomes apparent when the puppy begins to grow and the skin of the face tightens.

Treatment for eyelid torsion in dogs

knowTo relieve irritation and pain, a cream to soften the skin, which should be applied to the eyelid area, can help. It is necessary to contact the veterinarian so that he can select special eye ointments. However, in most cases, a dog suffering from entropion will require surgery to open the eyelids and prevent further damage to the cornea.

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