The Iron Lady

Hello! I want to say right away that I have not been as happy as in the last 2 months. The fact is that exactly 2 months ago a faithful friend and companion appeared in my life in morning jogging (which, by the way, began a month ago and not at all by my will) - our beautiful dog Leia.

Why Leia? Because in a very famous fantasy saga there was a heroine under that name - Princess Leia. Our dog is really like a princess to us!

We took her with a young man by accident. An acquaintance was driving home from work early in the morning outside the city and did not notice how a small outbred puppy ran out onto the road. In order not to fly off the side of the road, our friend, squinting, drove exactly over the puppy at a speed of 140 km / h. The puppy remained alive, there was not a scratch on it. Agree, not everyone is so lucky! That same morning, he posted a photo of this crumb on his page on the social network. And we fell in love!

Puppy Leia

But I, perhaps, will tell you one of the most interesting stories of our Leya grocery, our Bulkodav, what happened to her recently.

On January 1, my mother was visiting me at home. In honor of the New Year, she brought a box of chocolates with 4 different flavors. We drank tea, and like a child, I ate 2 sweets with the least desirable fillings for me, leaving the delicious ones for later. As soon as the two of us went into the room for a while, we heard a loud champ in the kitchen. Of course, our Leia, taking advantage of the situation, did not miss the opportunity to cram something sweet into herself. By the time I “caught” her, she had eaten 11 (!) chocolates. Naturally, she ate all the most delicious sweets that I never had time to try 🙂

But dogs can't have sweets! Therefore, we decided to urgently induce vomiting in the dog. After reading articles on the Internet, we poured half a teaspoon of salt on our tongue for our sweet tooth. Not only did it not cause vomiting, but she also began to calmly lick her lips!


Next in our plan was hydrogen peroxide diluted 1:1 with water. Leia drank 4 teaspoons of this mixture on her own. And what do you think? No, the urge to vomit, of course, was, but she courageously overcame them and went to bed. She only periodically woke up from her own snoring and rumbling in her stomach 🙂 Sweets, fortunately, did not bring her any harm.

After this incident, we nicknamed her “Iron Lady” or “Miss Iron Stomach”. So, my advice to you: control what is on your table, or eat all the delicious sweets at once so that the dog doesn’t get it 😉

Oksana Shevchuk, St. Petersburg
Contest participant me and my dog

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  1. Natalia
    20.01.2014 at 02: 17 Reply

    My family does not know the taste of sweets. Once a neighbor handed her a piece of chocolate - she didn’t take it))