Angry dog

It happened in the village where I once rested with my grandmother. My grandmother asked me to go to the neighbors and buy milk. I had to get into one house, but a huge angry dog ​​lived in his yard. No matter how much I knocked on the window that overlooked the street, no one answered. From the house, meanwhile, came voices. What to do, how to enter the house?

I thought that dogs, no matter how evil they are, also have fear, like humans. I opened the gate and entered the yard. The terrible dog with a wild bark rushed at me, but the chain holding him made it impossible to approach me. However, I still could not go into the house - then I would have to close the distance between me and the dog, and she could grab me with her teeth. But I made up my mind: I began to approach the house very slowly. The dog got even angrier. Before him there was very little, and I came closer and closer.


And suddenly he ... began to move away from me! I took the first step, another. Now the dog could, if desired, bite me, but he continued to move back. Until I completely drove him into the booth.

After that, I went along the alley to the door of the house. The dog continued to sit in the booth and did not even make an attempt to prevent me. So I got to the front door. I immediately knocked on the door and, having received permission, entered the house.

There were a lot of people in it, they were very noisy and therefore did not hear my knock on the window. But the owners were terribly surprised how I could walk through the yard past their angry dog.

Having finished my work, I headed for the exit. The mistress delayed me to tie the dog to a short chain. When I walked across the yard, she again rushed and barked loudly, but she could no longer do anything to me. I safely reached the gate and went out into the street.

Legeyda Daniel, Kiev
Contest participant me and my dog

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